Often times our primary focus is providing you with tips to help you choose clean products for skin, home and body. Today’s is a bit more personal, and for us it truly ties into our mission of wellness. It is less about caring for your skin or home and more about caring for your heart.

My dear friend and brother-in-law Steven, passed away at the end of May after a valiant battle with lymphoma.  My husband and I stayed on in Dallas to take care of Steve’s belongings and while doing so I came across a list of three major goals that he had for himself. They were pretty similar to goals I have had and I bet a lot of you have had as well.

Steve’s goals had to do with improved finances, ideal body weight and finding the love of his life.  I know Steve never married. I am less sure if he felt he had achieved financial stability or his ideal weight; my hunch was that he hadn’t.  Seeing these goals in Steve’s handwriting really stayed with me; a life cut too short, goals unmet, what did that mean?

I am always setting crazy goals, to run a marathon, open a store, lose weight, save money.  Some I have met, some I have come close, and some I haven’t figured out yet, but until I read Steve’s list, I always felt I had plenty of time.

I knew Steve was leaving me some kind of hidden message with that list, and it came to me when I was out running. It really didn’t matter if Steve met his goals or not, what really mattered was if he enjoyed the journey.

If I could have one more conversation with Steve I would ask him:

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