Cosmetics for Those Who Have Dialed a Rotary Phone

Tips and tricks for cosmetics in your 50’s and beyond

Cosmetics for Those Who Have Dialed a Rotary Phone

There are so many beautiful things about reaching our 50’s! Our grown children become our friends. We have a bit more knowledge about ourselves and find it easier to let go of things that don’t serve us well. Hopefully we are only saying “Hell Yeah” when asked to do things..and if it isn’t a “Hell Yeah”, then it is a “So sorry, can’t commit to that” We surround ourselves with girlfriends who lift us up and inspire us and lovingly keep the rest at arm’s length.


Along with all of the mental and emotional changes we go through, it is time to find the cosmetics that show how young we feel on the inside and ditch the ones that aren’t serving us anymore. As much as shoulder pads, Aquanet, and the red Maybelline eyeliners (the ones we had to use a lighter to make them soft enough to apply) have gone the way of the rotary phone so should the make-up we used in the ’80s. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:


Drink water and moisturize, kind of like prepping a wall to paint, lots of water and a good moisturizer will make any application look better!


Use products that are designed with moisture-attracting ingredients, a foundation with hyaluronic acid is a great example; it helps to pull moisture into the skin to plump fine lines. Jane Iredale has a great one (Liquid Minerals).


Cream foundations, concealers, contouring products, and blush will also help to minimize the appearance of fine lines. (Check out Kjaer Weiss) Love powder? Then a setting spray applied several times a day can help to maintain that dewy look and prevent the powder from setting down roots in our laugh lines.


Always think “Up” You know how it seems the world is spinning too fast and yet we don’t fall off? That is because of gravity, which hasn’t been a friend to our skin! We want to draw the attention upwards, it may be time to ditch the eyeliner on the lower lid, or use a softer color at the outside corner only. You can still tightline the lower waterline, but use a light color to highlight and help open up the eye. Our lids become the opposite, use lighter colors in the crease and a slightly darker shade above the crease line to open up your eye area.

Mascara on the top lashes only, use a curler and conditioner prior to mascara to counteract the loss of lashes that can begin to occur.


Eyebrows can begin to fade and thin as well, think soft pencils, with short feathery strokes to create a natural looking full brow. The “Kardashian” brows that are dark and heavily sculpted may not make the best frame for your face.


Always keep a good lip balm handy, it helps to keep your lips moisturized and plump, use a liner with lip colors to prevent bleeding, matte color with a hint of gloss on the lower lip is a great way to get the pouty look without a bunch of fillers.


Bring your cosmetics into the shop this week, any brand, and we will help you use what you have to create a look that matches the youthful joy that is inside!

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