Love the Skin You’re In!

Understand your skin, and simple things you can do to care for it!

Ok, so here we go! Before we talk about skin care or cosmetics, let’s actually have a little discussion about your skin and how to take care of it!


Your skin is the largest organ of your body, providing many vital functions!


  • Keeps your body intact (seriously, you don’t want to let it all hang out)
  • Provides a barrier to protect against water loss and infection
  • Manufactures Vitamin D, with the help of the sun (see, not all sun exposure is bad for you)


How do you keep it healthy?

  • Drink water! (not soda, not coffee, just plain old water) And can we recommend a reusable water bottle? We didn’t mention wine, that is a whole different blog 😉
  • B vitamins -great for preventing skin disorders, especially those pesky cracks around your lips
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin A -Keep your skin healthy and help with healing


Did you know your skin goes through a 28 day cycle (and we all love those.) What this means for you:


  • The outer layer consists of dead cells that are always flaking off or being washed off
  • New cells push upward to the outside (which is why nutrition and water are so important)
  • The dead cells can trap sebum (oil) and cause breakouts and comedones (blackheads)


How do you help your skin stay healthy during the cycle?


  • Regular cleansing helps remove the dead cells and prevent the trapping of sebum
  • Regular exfoliation encourages the top layer to detach, and exposes the beautiful young cells below
  • Regular treatments by an esthetican keeps your skin glowing pores clear, while preventing breakouts and minimizing the effects of aging


Stay tuned to this page as we look at different skin types and the types of products you need to keep your skin in optimal health!

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